75 years of Redemptorist Mission in Lipa: 1936 - 2012

The Lipa Shrine Mission Community in Celebration of its 75th anniversary has conducted renewal mission in 75 selected barrios of  Southern Tagalog provinces.  With the theme, 75 TAONG PAGPAPAHAYAG NG NAGUUMAPAW NA KATUBUSAN, the celebration’s general goal was: “To make the 75th celebration a venue and moment for witnessing and strengthening our missionary spirit.”


The target areas and dates for the general mission were: 25 areas from October, November and December 2011 and 50 areas from  March-April-May-June 2012.  The missionaries came from the VP and the Province of Cebu.  All area preparations were done by Lipa Community.  Some of the areas had a medical mission during the renewal mission which brought our social services in the area.


Specific Objectives of the mission:


a. To renew ties with the people from previous mission

 areas and to make it an opportunity for renewed


b. To lead the lay partners in the deeper understanding of

 their participation in Mission.

c. To align or relate all ministries in the spirit of Diamond

 Jubilee celebration.



Timetable of the GENERAL MISSION


1st Part – VP level - OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, 2011


2nd Part – VP and Province of Cebu - MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JUNE 2012


GENERAL STRATEGY of the mission:


a. Immersion Program for the missionaries in every area. The missioners will be living with the    

 people in the areas during the general mission.

b. 1 week Mission Activities in every area


 Mission Program in every area:


Tuesday – Arrival (being  w/ the people)

                  Orientation (CSsR, Diamond Jubilee,

  Mission – Daloy – Week Long Mission)


 Wednesday – Mary – devotion to our mother of perpetual help (women)


 Thursday – Church – What is a Church (BEC’s, Sacraments, and other    

                       topic related to Church can be included )              


Friday – Redemption / Love of God


Saturday – AM (Youth Gathering – Youth

                 situationer, Vocation, fellowship)

                    PM  - Culminating mass - Community celebration of the Mission 

Sunday – Mass (8:00 AM)




























The activities for each day were: 


Morning – house to house visitations, house blessings, visiting the sick

5:30 pm - Rosary

6:00 – 6:30 pm - Talk

6:30 – 7:30 pm Eucharist/Novena/Taize/Film Showing  


There were individual Confessions every evening while having the rosary and talk about the theme of the day.


Many volunteers from the different communities joined the mission.  Volunteers who joined the General Mission were in effect on exposure on Redemptorist mission, so-processing of their experience were done after their participation..


During the mission the counterpart of the AREA were as follows:

a. As the Mission Team will be staying / living in the Barangay, the people provided the houses where the members of the team stayed and ate through the Barangay Parish leaders.

b. Barangay Parish leaders played an active roles during the mission activities especially in preparing the venues where the mission activities were held.




Financial Matters



a. The Team distributed mission envelopes to the people in the mission areas and envelopes went to the social mission programs of the participating unit or team.

b. Collections during mass went to the jubilee fund


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