The Antipolo Seminary Foundation, Inc.(ASF) is a social development organization established by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer - Vice-Province of Manila, more popularly known as the Redemptorists.


The ASF seeks to contribute in alleviating the condition of the poorest members of the Philippine population in selected areas of Luzon. They are the subsistence fisherfolk, landless peasants and farm workers, and urban and rural poor settlers.


As a development organization committed to poverty alleviation, the Antipolo Seminary Foundation, Inc.'s(ASF) programs and services are directed at building and enhancing the capacity of community organizations,and other social service groups implementing community level projects.


The ASF recognizes that women and children are mostly vulnerable and marginalized. Thus, for the next five years, ASF will focus on projects/programs that will address women and children issues and concerns.


Programs and Services


    1. Capability Building for Empowerment. This involves developing the self-management capabilities of partner-organizations and strengthening the foundation's internal organizational capability to effectively respond to partners' needs. Activities include networking-linkaging with government and non-government organizations, assistance to capability and institutional building activities of partner-organizations, and resource generation and promotions.


    2. Building Opportunities for Women Empowerment. This involves supporting projects and activities that contribute to the development and empowerment of women, e.g. community development projects, livelihood and income-generating projects, health and nutrition education, technical/vocational skills trainings, literacy-numeracy. On a case to case basis, tertiary education will be supported.


    3. Supporting Initiatives for Children Welfare and Development. This involves providing technical support and financial assistance to initiatives that support children's welfare and rights, e.g. health-nutrition services, preschool education, and other livelihood/developmental activities to support children's projects.