The Aspirancy Program is offered to prospective candidates who have completed a college degree in a college outside our formation process. It is for a maximum period of 2 years, and may be for one year only, depending on the assessment of the candidate’s needs.





It is conceived of as a “Come and See” program allowing the candidate to share the life and ministry of the Congregation while he discerns whether he wishes to pursue this particular vocation. Meanwhile on the part of the Congregation, it is a time when it comes to know the candidate and arrives at a decision whether he accept him or not.


 For those candidates who have not taken sufficient Philosophy units in their College course, they must attend make-up courses in Philosophy before the end of the Aspirancy. These studies will usually be done in an institute approved by the Formation Team and after the candidate has completed the first year of Aspirancy.


The Aspirancy consists of two phases with each phase lasting for one year. 


The first year is spent living in a community of the Vice Province. During this time they will study the spirituality and history of the Congregation becoming familiar with the saints of the Congregation especially with the life and writings of St. Alphonsus. They will also attend classes in catechetics, scripture, prayer and other subjects which may be introduced by their Formator. In addition, they may participate in the ‘Sojourn Program’ which is an inter-congregational program for pre-novitiate candidates.


The second year is a time for exposure to the Redemptorist apostolate. During this year they will be immersed principally in mission programs of different communities. However, it is left to the discretion of the Formator to decide how long a period this would be for an individual candidate. In the case of those candidates for priesthood who lack the necessary units in Philosophy, this is the time when they will be expected to enroll in the necessary philosophy course.