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Baclaran is at the very heart of the rapid pace of urbanization.  In fact, it is an integral part of the rising megacity of Southern Metro Manila. As an urban center, Baclaran reality calls the community to continuously re-imagine what Shrine Mission in the City is all about.


  Defining Shrine Mission in the City is a challenging task.  Its understanding must never fall into the pit of simply transporting the content and praxis of popular mission to the urban setting.  Mission in the city legitimately calls for a definition, which takes into account the urban character of the place and the concomitant agenda that it



registers for missionary response.  The understanding of Shrine Mission in the City will provide a better edge to redefine further the very reason of being for the Urban Mission. 


Baclaran Shrine Mission must envisage a viable community based component in addressing the challenges of mission in the city.  Indeed, it is important to serve the people who come to our shrine; yet equally necessary is the shrine’s ability to reach-out to people who do not or cannot come.  Our services have to be extended to the people not normally accessed by the Shrine.  However, this community based component of the Shrine mission must never be considered simply as extension services, a token of an institutional giant that simply wants to share, rather this is mission in its concrete form where the internal and the external reality of the Shrine Mission converge.  In short, this is the key to define the uniqueness of the Shrine Mission in the city.


Baclaran social mission has to be reconfigured in line with the new missiological call.  There is also a burning need to incorporate our social mission with the popular urban mission and vice-versa.


* Fr. Victorino Cueto – Superior/Rector of the Shrine

Fr. William Golez

Fr. Ronald Murray

Fr. Michael Keenan

Fr. Remar Soliza

Fr. Thomas Hodgins

Fr. James Philip Narisma (Cebu Province)

Mr. Carlito Latorre

Ms. Josephine Mangahas

Ms. Vivian Bersola

Ms. Lavinia Panopio


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