This is a period of formation during which the Junior Professed Brother continues to grow and mature in his commitment to Christ in the apostolic life of the Congregation.




• A time of personalized accompaniment that will help the Junior Professed to integrate his

      different ‘learnings’ into his life as a Redemptorist.

• A time of commitment to systematic study of the theological and pastoral disciplines.

• A time for acquiring and developing the necessary pastoral skills.

• A time for intensifying his ‘identity as Religious Brother’.




The Formation Process entails a personalized accompaniment of the candidate by the Formator, Spiritual Director, Counselor and other resource persons toward a definitive and perpetual commitment to Christ and the Congregation. Team work is the guiding principle which characterizes the relationship among the people involved in this formation of the Junior Professed as they assist them to integrate their Studies, personal growth and apostolic experiences. Safeguarding strict confidentiality is a must within the team relationship


The period of this formation is for 5 years. In the first 2 years he will join with the clerical students in the study of Basic Theology. The third year is called the ‘Pastoral Year’ which can be done together with the clerical students. The final two years will be a period of ‘specialization’ for the temporary professed Brother.


At the end of these 5 years they will rejoin the clerical students for the “Proximate preparation for Final or Perpetual Vows. The requisites required for entry into this program will be the same as for the Clerical Students, except for the requirements which are particular for candidates for priesthood.