The College Formation Program is intended primarily for High School graduates who are interested in joining the Redemptorist Congregation. During this period they will be required to undertake the course of Studies and Activities indicated in the Formation Program.


The time span for this period of formation is 5 years, with the first 2 years and the final 2 years being periods of residency in the College while the third year is a period of intense pastoral activity with residence among the people being evangelized. This middle year is called the ‘Intensive Immersion Program’ (IIP)






• To bring the Collegian to a level of maturity comparable to that of other College graduates.

• To bring him to the academic level necessary for the pursuit of Theological Studies.

• To bring him to the level of a mature Christian faith which is interiorized and which he lives responsibly and contentedly.

• To heighten his awareness of his Cultural Values and History and assist him to integrate these with his Christian and other Human Values.

• Finally, to assist him in making an informed choice either to continue or discontinue his Redemptorist Formation.