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Some Redemptorists work specifically in the initial formation of future Redemptorist missionaries, helping young men to understand and to embrace the charism, identity, spirituality and mission of the Congregation. Continuing spiritual, intellectual, and cultural formation is imperative for all Redemptorists in order that they might continue their challenging mission in a diverse and rapidly changing world.


The realities of globalization and migration in an inter-connected world present new challenges not only to the Redemptorist missionary identity and spirituality but also to the way we engage ourselves in the formation of our young people towards Redemptorist religious life. A different take on formation (including the traditioning processes) has to be considered as we both introduce and lead our young seminarians to live “in the world” but not become “of this world” via a radical commitment to the Redemptorist Vita Apostolica.


The Redemptorist Formation Community is in a crossroad - a phase of transition and a period of discernment regarding real possibilities about the concrete direction formation have to take especially in College. At the same time, new formators have to be trained to co-journey with young people whose life-world is radically different and who did not grow-up in a traditional religious ethos. From this perspective, this quadrennium serves as a preparatory ground for furthering the missionary orientation of the Redemptorist formation in this age of globalization.





Fr. Andy Adriano – Superior

Fr. Vincent Doherty

Bro. Ciriaco Santiago

Bro. Raymond Urriza

Bro. Leo Mar Arenillo

Mr. Geraldino Loyola

Mr. Romeo Tusi


“The aim of formation for both candidates and members is to lead them to such a degree of human and Christian maturity that, with the help of God’s grace, they will be able to dedicate themselves intelligently, willingly and wholeheartedly, to the service of the missionary Church in Redemptorist community life, in order to preach the Gospel to the poor.” (C. 78)


“The apostolic purpose of the Congregation, which is contextualized in the V.M. G. of the Vice Province, must inspire and penetrate the whole formation process of its members. This process includes the selection of vocations, the different periods of training and the formation which must last throughout the whole of life.” (C. 77) It is a process that pertains not only to individuals, but also to local Communities and indeed to the entire Congregation; all must be ready to respond to the needs of the people to whom they preach the gospel. (C.C. 82, 40)


Redemptorist Formation is determined by our charism and is oriented towards our specific mission in the Church. Both Alphonsus and Clement were very much aware of this and, to this end, set in place specific formation programs for Redemptorists. The present situation where part of our formation is conducted in non-Redemptorist institutions, poses a special challenge on how we ensure the development of a specific Redemptorist identity in our candidates.


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