A 12 month program situated after the second year of College studies and serving as the Postulancy period for those candidates undergoing the College Formation Program. At its conclusion the candidate returns to College to complete his course. After his final year he proceeds to the Novitiate.





The purpose of this stage is to allow the candidate to have an extended and intense exposure to apostolic activity and to the life situation of the ordinary people. This stage complements the initial experience of this in the first 2 years of College. It is hoped that this period will contribute significantly to both his human and spiritual maturity and sharpen his sense of being called to the Redemptorist Way and thus be helped to purify his vocation and motivation for the Redemptorist Life.


During this period, he will be guided in his reflection and action by the Formator for pastoral formation and the guidance counselor in the formation team. His immediate superior will be the Prefect appointed for this purpose.


There are 2 phases in the Program:


Phase I is basically a ‘Pastoral Work’ experience.   Hopefully, this experience will ground him in the daily struggle of the common people especially the struggle and challenges of his peers. He will be living in an “inserted community”.


Phase II is a period of immersion and exposure to the missionary and community life of the Congregation. It is a prolonged mission exposure wherein he will be a member of the community’s mission team. This will give him an experiential grasp of the mission of the congregation especially in the aspect of community building. During these phases he will  study pertinent Congregational and Alphonsian subjects such as the following -  Redemptorist History and Spirituality, life of C.Ss.R. Saints, Alphonsian writings, vocation of the Redemptorist Brother and other Congregational topics.  Courses in BEC building and organizing, methods of evangelization, pastoral and leadership skills will also be offered to him.


intensive immersion program