As the mission of proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ is wholistic, the Redemptorists integrates the social issues, justice and peace and integrity of creation in their rural and urban mission and shrine ministry. The Vice-Province also links up with various people’s organizations and civil society groups in the promotion of justice and peace.

justice and peace

There were efforts at integrating social issues, justice and peace and integrity of creation in the mission and shrine ministry.  Our shrines continue to actively promote justice and peace through preaching and special liturgical celebrations incorporating social issues.  The different communities continue to grant logistical support to people's organizations actively advocating justice and peace issues.  Some confreres and lay missionaries in the Vice-Province continue to link up with people’s organizations and advocacy groups. 





Redemptorists believe that the saving love of God touches the whole person and calls for the transformation of social injustice into respect for the dignity of all men and women. Hence Redemptorists around the world are involved in a wide variety of social problems and justice issues such as: immigration, refugees, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, workers’ rights, women’s issues, exploitation of child labor, racism, genocide, indigenous peoples, the environment, war and violence, weapons of war and trafficking in people.  Conscious that we are stewards of creation and accountable to the Creator, we commit ourselves to the care of our environment.