Recognizing Bicol region’s susceptibility to many forms of natural and man-made calamities, disaster risk reduction and management shall be an integral part of the Legaspi mission.  In this regard, CSsR. lay missionaries are called upon to have a big role in this new missiological exploration.  In this context, the community must see to it that our lay missionaries be equipped with knowledge, skills and disposition in this new type of mission.  This new engagement must further push to a new self-understanding of our lay collaborators of their vocation as missionaries. 


For continued discernment of the community is the future of the Legaspi house.  In view of the VP restructuring for mission, it is deemed important to explore the various possibilities, or the lack of them, in the re-imagination of what constitutes Legaspi Mission.


Fr. Teodulo Holgado – Superior

Fr. Ernie Garcia

Fr. Alex Bercasio

Fr. Kristoffenson Alea

Mr. Jun Empig

Mr. Rey Zaldy Colasi

Mr. Edwin Despabiladeras

Ms. Marjorie Balbin


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