The main mission of the Redemptorist as the proclamation of the good news of plentiful redemption in Jesus Christ especially amongst the poor and the most abandoned of society is not just for spiritual but encompasses the whole life of the people. Thus the mission engages the various structures - economic, political, cultural and works in dialogue with all groups, culture and faith.  “Indeed the Congregation’s mandate to evangelize the poor is directed to the liberation and salvation of the whole human person.  The members have the duty of preaching the Gospel explicitly and of showing solidarity with the poor by promoting their fundamental rights to justice and freedom.” (Const. 5)


The Redemptorists in the Vice-Province of Manila specifically reach out to farmers in the rural areas, squatters in the urban areas, special attention to street children, troubled families, the youth through educational assistance and scholarship programs.


Itinerant Preachers


St. Alphonsus wanted his companions to be itinerant preachers of the Word of God. In many countries today this original inspiration is carried out by missionaries who visit a parish for a week or longer and offer a special series of sermons that invite people to a deeper love for God and a fuller practice of the Christian life. Beyond preaching, the parish mission may include special devotions; visits to people’s homes, especially the sick; counseling and spiritual direction, all with an emphasis on the sacrament of reconciliation.


           Redemptorist preachers also conduct triduums (three days) and novenas (nine days), which are periods of prayer and preparation prior to special feasts, as well as retreats to lay people, priests, religious sisters and brothers. St. Alphonsus insisted that Redemptorist preaching be simple and down-to-earth in order to make the profound mysteries of faith accessible to all people, regardless of social, cultural or educational background.




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