To form and maintain an apostolic community of lay and professed genuinely sharing in the human and spiritual level (CS 21).

  • Priests

    Priesthood for us is not a title or position but as a function of service.  It is a participation in the service of Christ - the high priest in service to the common priesthood of the people of God.

  • Brothers


    The presence of the Brothers among us is a constant reminder that our basic identity comes from our baptismal consecration and religious profession.








    If you wish further information about the life and vocation of a Redemptorist brother, click this link.



  • Lay


    Redemptorists have always believed that God calls all people to holiness, each according to his or her own vocation in life. Many lay people appreciate the Redemptorist charism and seek Alphonsian spirituality. In recent years Redemptorists and lay people have intensified their efforts in doing missionary work together. As a result, there is a joining of energies and a sharing of the joys and burdens of missionary work, which mutually enhances and enriches the lives of lay people and Redemptorists.

    The Vice-Province has a total of twelve lay missionaries.  The lay missionaries are spread out in the communities and work in various ministries.  Most of them work primarily in the mission.  Some work in formation, social services, justice and peace and administration.

  • Sisters

    The Redemptorists work in partnerships with Religious women groups: Missionaries of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Oblates of the Holy Redeemer (OSR) and Bon Perpetual Sucour (BPS).   The Congregation is especially blessed to have the prayerful support of the Order of Redemptoristine Nuns, founded by Venerable Maria Celeste Crostarosa, a contemporary of St. Alphonsus and instrumental in the foundation of our Congregation.


  • Mission partners


    The generosity, experiences and sheer faith of the thousands of people in the barrios proved that the missionaries were not the only ones evangelizing, but they too were evangelized by them.  The hospitality, courage and ingenuity of ordinary people in embracing the faith and the good news have shown that they are mission partners indeed.


we work as a team with diverse gifts and vocation for the mission

We collaborate with all (lay, religious, priests, secular groups, members of our own community and everybody/anybody)  in all levels of our lives – community, formation, mission, retreats, social services, governance, spirituality, even finance, etc.