The Novitiate, by which Redemptorist life begins, is directed to these ends:


a) That the novices come to better awareness of their divine vocation, particularly the       vocation proper to the Congregation

      b) That they experience the Congregation’s manner of life and form their minds and hearts in  

      its spirit

      c) That the novices’ resolution and suitability are tested.


The spiritual discernment and training, which is given at this level, must help the candidate to not only grow in his love of and loyalty to God and the Congregation, but also to increase his capacity to embrace the disciplines concomitant to religious life and the responsibilities in the apostolic life.



We must take pride that the Philippines is host to the regional collaboration in Formation, namely, Lipa Regional Novitiate.  In the next nominations, we should take into consideration that the Lipa Shrine Mission Community is the locus of a very important stage of formation.