pastoral year



This is the year when the temporary professed actively participates in the apostolic life of the Vice Province in a limited capacity. They will be provided with the opportunity to participate in well supervised pastoral experiences in both Redemptorist and non-Redemptorist settings while

guidance will be available to assist them in integrating these experiences with their academic and spiritual life.


General Objectives:


To provide a venue for fostering development, offering affirmation, strengthening, interiorizing and consolidating attitudes and values, pastoral skills, religious motivations, and spiritual practices outside the formal seminary structural setting.

To expose the professed in an intense manner to the works of the Congregation and to different pastoral and ministerial needs of the people.

To ground in real life experiences the theological formation they have received.


Particular Objectives:


To acquire, develop and enhance both pastoral sensitivity and skills relevant to the Redemptorist missionary engagements.

To develop and facility in grounding theological insights in his daily experience.

To discover and appreciate new expressions of community living grounded in life.

To purify allegiance to ideas, aspirations and systems that do not cohere with the vocational commitment and personal and spiritual strides thus far achieved by the professed.

To deepen the self-determination of the professed in his commitment to authentic personal and religious maturity.

To enable the professed to humbly discover and appreciate the poverty of his inner resources so that he deepens his dependence on God and others.