In October 2009, Redemptorist superiors from all over the world gathered for the twenty-fourth Chapter.   The chapter adopted the words of St. Clement as the theme for the sexennium (2009–2015) of the congregation:  "'To Preach the Gospel Ever Anew'(St. Clement): Renewed Hope, Renewed Hearts, Renewed Structures—For Mission."  The General Chapter recognized the crucial imperative of “preaching the gospel anew” today especially as we are now in the global age. 


           Indeed, preaching is the raison d'être of the Redemptorists. It was the reason they were founded by St. Alphonsus in 1732 and is the reason for their continued existence today. Preaching the gospel anew holds one of the keys to the Redemptorists’ survival in the global age.  If they cannot preach the gospel relevantly in the global age, they have no reason to continue.


           In the preface to the final declaration of the General Chapter's theme, Michael Brehl, the newly elected General Superior of the Redemptorists all over the world, said:


To preach the gospel ever anew, one must be prophetic. Prophecy in this sense has little to do with predicting the future. To be prophetic is to scrutinize the signs of the times, personally and as a community, and then to live and act according to the call of God in the present moment and contemporary circumstances. We are prophetic when we hear God call us through the most abandoned, especially the poorest among these, and respond with generous dedication. We are prophetic when we live an authentic community life in an age of immature individualism. We are prophetic when we stand in solidarity with peoples and confreres who differ from us in culture, language, race and ethnicity, and we give this witness of solidarity in a world still divided by chauvinism, racism, tribal mentality and nationalism.