At the end of the Aspirancy period, candidates proceed to the Postulancy. In this stage of formation, they will experience a prolonged exposure to the living situation of the poor, deprived, oppressed and exploited while immersed in an ecclesial community. This experience is judged to be necessary in assisting them to make an initial commitment to the Redemptorist Congregation. During this time of Postulancy they will be attached to a Redemptorist community where they will participate in the apostolate and dynamics of the religious community.




The General Objective of the Postulancy is assist the postulant in grounding  his future life as a Redemptorist in the life situation of the people, especially the poor, and in the lived Charism of the Congregation.





1. To allow the Postulant to experience the life-situation of a poor and marginalized community through direct involvement in their work and struggle.


1. To assist them in reflecting on this experience from the perspective of Christian faith.


2. To enable the Postulant to have an initial experience of life in a Religious Community.


3. To provide the postulant with time and opportunity to reflect on the Charism of the Congregation with the accompaniment of the Formator.