social services

The social services to the poor and the most abandoned is an essential expression of our charism and ministry.  We see the social service ministry as essential part of evangelization not just mere social projects or dole out tasks.  Thus, social mission is integrated in both our shrines and mission areas.  Our shrines are venue of people¬ís agenda, promoting their own products and also involvement also in the liturgy. 





In implementing its social mission, the Vice-Province has responded to the various needs of the people. Amongst the social services are: Sarnelli Center for Street Children, Health Services, Family Life Counseling Center Social Service Center, Scholarship Programs, Livelihood projects, Technical and Vocational School and Relief and Rehabilitation program for calamity areas.

Our development and social workers involved in social mission, besides being professionals in their own right, are formed in the  Redemptorist orientation, spirituality and Social Teachings.  Our  developmental programs has  liberating dimension and promote empowerment of the people.



Please help us build our new center for Street Children