The Studentate is a period in formation during which the Junior Professed continues to grow and mature in his commitment to Christ in the apostolic life of the Congregation.




• A time of personalized accompaniment that will help the Junior Professed to   

             integrate his different learnings into his life as a Redemptorist.

• A time of commitment to systematic study of the theological and pastoral disciplines.

• A time for acquiring and developing the necessary pastoral skills.





The Formation Process entails a personalized accompaniment of the candidate by the Formator, Spiritual Director, Counselor and other resource persons toward a definitive and perpetual commitment to Christ and the Congregation. Team work is the guiding principle which characterizes the relationship among the people involved in this formation of the Junior Professed as they assist them to integrate their Studies, personal growth and apostolic experiences. Safeguarding strict confidentiality is a must within the team relationship.


The period of this formation is five years.  It consists of four important components: the theological formation of the professed, the pastoral year, the preparation for final profession, and the deaconal preparation.  This period will address the formation of the newly professed either for the priesthood or the brotherhood.  All the aspects of formation, human, community, spiritual, academic, and pastoral are located properly in each of the four components.  Moreover, the socio-affective processes and spiritual direction are integral in all of them.

The first two years of the Studentate are devoted to foundational theological studies towards development of critical thinking and ability to analyze in mature and Christian way the modern world and its peoples.  These years should also help the professed to solidify his appreciation of his temporary commitment. 


The third year of formation is a break from a very academically-oriented formation.  For want of a better term, it will be called the “Pastoral Year” in the overall initial formation of the professed.  There are three reasons for the pastoral year.  This break from formal studies is a response to the mandate of the first session of 2005 VP chapter declaring that the temporary professed undergo  a year of pastoral exposure after his second year of studies.  The pastoral year is a way of addressing the common experience of theologate students that in their drive for academic competence and excellence their apostolic goal can fade. In addition, the pastoral year can serve as good opportunity to challenge the professed to a higher degree of responsibility and maturity both as a person and as a religious.  In essence, the pastoral year will expose the professed to the apostolic life of the Vice Province and to other forms of ministry either in a parish context or on new mission frontiers.  This period is directed to the acquisition, strengthening and consolidation of pastoral attitudes, skills and practices and the deepening of the professed commitment to the Congregation.  In other words, the pastoral year serves as the tempus probationis referred to in Const. 84 wherein the candidate becomes more convinced of his vocation and his apostolic suitability to the Congregation. 


The fourth year of the Studentate is a re-entry of the professed into the full academic life in pursuit of his theological and/or professional development.  During this year the candidates for the priesthood and brotherhood will be in different localities.